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Root and Rock.

If you drew a venn diagram of “practicing faith mindfully”, “being kind to animals”, “treating spirits like people, too” and just a dash of “pseudo-geriatric-cane-waving at the industrial revolution” you’d have an overlapping zone. 

I’m Scylla and this little sliver of that diagram is Root and Rock. 

Part of that - the “cane waving” part - has been about being the voice I wish I had heard as a youngster. Speaking out frankly about the good in 'occulture' as well as the bad and being practical where others often chose to be a little fantastical.  It has been about painstakingly hand-crafting tools instead of buying or reselling items made under questionable conditions in massive factories. It has been, and will always be, about keeping myself centered on this little sliver of that diagram. 

I am easily contacted via social media, or through rootandrock (at)

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