Trees are a frequent conductor of lightning, bringing the mighty sky-bolts more-or-less safely to the soil. The tree is often thoroughly blasted in the process. Traditionally, wood from such trees is considered a potent curio for adding power to religious and ritual work. How one uses that power is entirely up to them.


This oil has been compounded with wood, bark, resin/sap, leaf, acorn, gall, roots, pollen, leaves and even the mosses and lichens that grow on a nice old oak that has been struck at least twice that we know of. Each bottle contains a little bit of bark from that tree. It is made with our standard base of Olive, Safflower and Grapesed Oil with vitamin e oil to prolong its shelf life. 

Oak Oil (Lightning Struck)

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No medical or supernatural claims are being made about this product. These oils are for anointing and dressing of items and are not intended as 'perfume' oils or cosmetics. These oils are for external use only, and not for human or animal consumption.